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A repipe is the process of replacing old and/or failing waste and water piping.  Repiping can be complicated by old connections, framing issues, or little to no crawl space.  A qualified journeyman plumber can determine where your piping is within its service life, and whether or not it is a better value to do a repair or a full repipe. A job permit is required for repipes.

Piping fails for many reasons.

  • Galvanized pipes, typically used in homes prior to the 1970s, corrode and flake off leading to low water pressure and sometimes breakage.
  • Copper pipes also react to acidity in water deteriorating after time. Copper pipes are also more susceptible to freeze breakage.
  • Polybutylene piping was a popular and less expensive alternative to copper piping from the late 1970s to 1995.  It is no longer used because of its high failure rate due in part to the chlorine concentrations in potable water.
  • CPVC piping has a high failure rate due to manufacturing inconsistencies and improper installations.  It’s also susceptible to freeze damage.
  • In older homes, the piping system may be undersized for modern bathroom and kitchen fixtures (the fixtures are updated, but the piping is not).  In this case a repipe can restore water pressure with an appropriately sized piping system.

Symptoms of a failing pipe system include:

  • Low flow or reduced water pressure.  This can be due to internal corrosion of the pipes or an undersized system.
  • Scalding shower water when the toilet is flushed. This is also caused by an undersized system.  When someone flushes, cold water demand goes to the toilet rather than mixing with the hot water in the shower.  It can also be caused by an outdated shower valve.
  • Re-occuring debris/rust found in fixture aerators. This can be caused by deteriorating pipes.
  • High water bills. This can be caused by underground leaks in water services.

We typically use Upunor or “PEX” products to repipe homes because they have a superior and proprietary fitting system that meets and surpasses current plumbing standards. Since PEX piping is flexible, it allows for a reduction in fitting usage which is a typical place for leaks and failures. We are also skilled at copper repipes for those customers who prefer to use more traditional material.

When we repipe your home, we strategically design a piping system to be efficient with the least amount of damage to your sheet-rock or paint. Our attention to detail and cleanliness means that we don’t leave old pipe or trash under your house. Our thoughtful planning aims to minimize disruption to your home and time without water.

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What our customer have to say!

  • He is incredible! He helped my mother in law too. Above and beyond professional and kind. An old fashioned values plumber in a new man’s body.

    Mary V.
  • Just had 2 major household plumbing repairs done!! So happy I'm going to have this plumber come back for a couple projects on my wish list. Thanks Mary V. for suggesting Devin "the fix it guy."

    Beth S.
  • Sherwood Plumbing Company is wonderful! I can't thank Devin enough for coming on such short notice. I recommend SPCo to anyone with plumbing issues. I hope to not have plumbing problems in the future but I know who to call if I do. Thanks again!

    Elissa D.M.
  • Devin is a true professional, kind, honest, up front and knowledgeable. I appreciated his candid approach to the issue and how quick and efficient he worked. Thank you so much for healing my drippy waste/overflow shower issue. His wife Jessica is friendly over the phone and was sensitive to my concerns about the timeliness of having someone come to look at the issue. I would definitely recommend the Sherwood Plumbing Company to anyone!!

    Tammy W.

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