Garbage Disposals


Putting your hand in the garbage disposal can be scary – especially after that one horror movie. Often times a garbage disposal gets jammed with things you didn’t intend to put down the drain. While most garbage disposals have a reset button, typically, the disposal needs to be disassembled to remove debris. A licensed journeyman plumber can easily determine if the disposal needs serviced or replaced. Additionally, while repairing a garbage disposal, we can inspect and/or address other under sink plumbing issues.

Common offenders include: 

  • Bottle caps 
  • Silverware 
  • Tin lids 
  • Broken glass

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Generally, garbage disposals have a ten-year service life depending on use. Many new models have larger capacities, bigger motors, and run quieter. Also, newer disposals are more efficient at grinding material, making the use of your disposal safer for your plumbing system.


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