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Toilet Repair

What you need to know

Sometimes a toilet repair is all you need.

  • Running toilet. You know the sound –you usually hear it right before you drift off to sleep. This is easily repaired with a new flush valve assembly.
  • Toilet sweat. It sounds gross, but it’s actually just the condensation on the toilet tank. It’s caused when the toilet is running all the time.   The water running into the tank is lower than the ambient temperature which causes the condensation. This is also easily repaired with a new flush valve assembly.
  • Leaky toilet: If it’s leaking from the base of the toilet there could be several causes. Loose mounting bolts, a rocking or loose toilet, or a failed wax ring are common causes with easy repairs. A broken flange or toilet bolts are more difficult repairs requiring more expertise.
  • Clogged toilet. Kids love to flush things down the toilet (bath toys are a frequent victim), the problem occurs when what went in the toilet doesn’t go down. When the plunger doesn’t do the trick, an experienced plumber can utilize a toilet auger to clear the clog.
  • Broken toilet handles. A broken toilet handle can be really inconvenient, but it’s an easy repair.

Toilet Replacement:

Sometimes issues are only resolved by replacing the offending toilet. A new toilet uses less water, flushes better, and looks better.

  • Stained or outdated porcelain toilets. Sometime the ring in the toilet bowl just won’t come off, or maybe you bought the house with a pepto bismol pink toilet, a new toilet is easily installed.
  • Cracked or broken.
  • Looking for a taller toilet (ADA)

In addition to traditional toilets, we install wall mount toilets, concealed mount/one-piece toilets, urinals, bidets, and composting toilets.   We also install heated seats and the high efficiency dual flush toilets.

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Toy Clogging Toilet
Toy Clogging Toilet Do you need help repairing your toilet?

What our customer have to say!

  • He is incredible! He helped my mother in law too. Above and beyond professional and kind. An old fashioned values plumber in a new man’s body.

    Mary V.
  • Just had 2 major household plumbing repairs done!! So happy I'm going to have this plumber come back for a couple projects on my wish list. Thanks Mary V. for suggesting Devin "the fix it guy."

    Beth S.
  • Sherwood Plumbing Company is wonderful! I can't thank Devin enough for coming on such short notice. I recommend SPCo to anyone with plumbing issues. I hope to not have plumbing problems in the future but I know who to call if I do. Thanks again!

    Elissa D.M.
  • Devin is a true professional, kind, honest, up front and knowledgeable. I appreciated his candid approach to the issue and how quick and efficient he worked. Thank you so much for healing my drippy waste/overflow shower issue. His wife Jessica is friendly over the phone and was sensitive to my concerns about the timeliness of having someone come to look at the issue. I would definitely recommend the Sherwood Plumbing Company to anyone!!

    Tammy W.

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